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Myofascial Release is a gentle, yet powerful form of massage therapy. This technique speaks to the mind-body connection to promote deep healing- physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. MFR works directly with your fascial web. This web supports and surrounds everything in the body. When your fascia is restricted due to physical or emotional trauma or stress- it acts as if there is 2,000lb of pressure per square in pressing on pain sensitive areas in your body. When your fascia is healthy- there is flow, a feeling of lightness and space within your body. 

Myofascial Release Technique never forces your body to release tension. MFR works with the body to release deep rooted tension or knots (both of the physical and mental kinds) to allow for true authentic healing of your mind, body & soul. MFR therapy sessions open up space in your body for tightness and pain to melt away. It can increase your range of motion and flexibility. Release your hold of cycles or patterns in your life that no longer serve you. And if you are willing, it can open you up to a whole deeper level of healing your body, mind & spirit.

I believe authentic, genuine kindness has the power to shift negativity. I also believe, when you are not kind to yourself first, the authenticity, or the love, behind your act of kindness is significantly watered down. I see it. I feel it all around. I would love to see a true #kindnessmovement!  That movement must begin with loving yourself. All of yourself...


This is the inspiration behind my With Love & Kindness Self Care series and my Intensive MFR series. These series are designed to empower you to live your best life. Set amazing goals for yourself and achieve those goals! It starts with a vision...


With Love & Kindness- A Self Care Series

An Initial Intake Session inspires you to set your intention for your series. Learn self care stretches using the principles of Myofascial Release, therapy balls and foam rollers for at home care- 90 min group MFR stretch sessions. Experience a private 2 hr Myofascial Release session with the intention to ignite & enhance your overall mind-body awareness. Self Reflection topics and call to action emailed each week for 6 weeks for at home, online study (approximately 2-3 hrs per week) to dive deeper into the roots of your tension. Receive a self care kit and a personalized action plan. Receive accountability and support. Become part of the MFR Self Care Tribe. Connect with other like minded individuals in the private Facebook group to share insights and support.Receive continued coaching support for up to 6 months. 

**The investment for this series starts at $1299 paid in full. Payment plans are available.


Myofascial Release Intensive Series

Schedule an MFR intensive series to get ahead of your acute or chronic stress and pain cycles. The intention of the series is to speak to the deep roots of your tension and break free from unhealthy cycles of pain and stress. Allow your body to release restrictions, increase flexibility and range of motion, and decrease pain. Experience the deep healing within the body through private MFR sessions. Are you doing all the "right things" and still not getting anywhere? Learn how to stretch your body using the principles of MFR with group MFR self care stretch sessions. Receive a self care kit and personalized action plan. Access the private Facebook group the MFR Self Care Tribe for support and share insight. 

**Each series is individually designed your investment varies depending on the details of your individual series.

Prepayment is required to reserve your space. 


Single Myofascial Release Therapy Sessions

Schedule single MFR sessions as needed to reduce pain, increase flexibility and improve range of motion. 

MFR helps to release restricted fascia, creating space in the tissue, activating the ground substance- the fluid part of the fascial system; so, that, the body can realign on a cellular level, hydrate the starving cells and tissue and relieve the crushing tensile pressure.  (Fascia- serves as a protective, binding layer that individually wraps organs, muscles, blood vessels, arteries and nerves, holding everything in place.  Fascia exists as one continuous interconnected tissue from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet- 1.  "The primary communication system in the body is fascia. It's like fiber optics." -John F. Barnes.  As with any communication system, how well the transmission lines work is a key component to the system's health-2.)   

Please note*  Results are unique to each person.  The therapist will not "fix you".  You are not broken.  She will support you, listen to you, assist you within her scope of practice as a massage therapist through therapeutic touch techniques and resources, and walk with you through your personal healing process.  Authentic healing comes from within. 

Please fill out a brief intake form as some conditions are contraindicated for massage.  Please bring a sports bra or bathing suit top, shorts or sweat pants to your session.  

Service offered for 30, 60, 90 or 120 min sessions

                                                                                Price: $56, $114, $143 or $172


Add Wellness Coaching to your session

A heart centered conversation to help align your mind body relationship and dive a little deeper into your healing potential.                   

Price: $94, $137, $152 or $181  


Maintenance Sessions

Are you in a great space with your wellness goals? This hands-on session, supports you and your healing process.  Focusing on Myofascial Release Techniques (MFR), the John F. Barnes approach, the therapist works with you to continue to soften areas of restricted movement and/or pain.   

Service offered for 30, 60,90 or 120 minute sessions and INCLUDES a monthly group stretch class* 

Price: $76, $134, $163, $192


MFR Self Care Group Stretch Class 

Guided stretching using the principles of MFR, therapy balls and foam rollers. Wear comfortable clothing. Please bring a yoga mat and water.

Service offered for 90 min session*       



Prenatal Massage-

Tailored cushions and nurturing touch combine to soothe tired muscles and joints.  Reduce stress and improve circulation for the Mommy-to-be!  Recommended after the 1st trimester.

Service offered for 60 or 75 minute sessions

Price:  $80, $90




*Special pricing available for MFR Self Care Tribe Members*



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2. Insight Articles/"Addressing Fascia with Myofascial Release A Conversation with John Barnes, by Karrie Osborn.Massage & Bodywork Magazine.Sept/Oct 2016







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