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Nurture your spirit.  Grow your sense of self awareness.  Live the life you desire!  Nurture, Grow & Live A Place of Wellness, LLC, is a healthy option to address your chronic pain and stress.  Do you love life? Are you a kind person? Do you like to serve within your community? Would you like to have a deeper connection with friends and loved ones? I believe overall wellness is achieved by living a lifestyle that aligns our mind, body and spirit. Engaging a heart centered conversation combined with the John F. Barnes approach to Myofascial Release provides an opportunity to get out of our heads, come back into our body, self reflect, and find our center. This connection allows for profound healing. I believe it is important to follow up sessions with self care as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. I incorporate tools and resources throughout your evolvement. My intention is to empower and encourage you to continue your healing journey at home.  Our inward exploration of the physical and mental restrictions within your body facilitates a healing process, enhances self awareness, and allows your body to move freely without discomfort.  I am currently a board certified Massage Therapist. I continue my education  and frequently attend John Barnes, PT Myofascial Release Seminars. I also study the BodyMind Coaching program. I believe I am here to help you tap into your greatness; live a life with purpose and fulfillment. This lifestyle has changed the lives of men and women in our community in so many ways!  I help those who wish to maintain an active lifestyle; aren't afraid of a little tough love and are willing to show up and do the work. My approach is science based knowledge of the fascial system, and intuition. I meet you where you're at. Each healing experience is unique. This work is gentle. Together, we work to soften restrictions; working at resistance, to never force your tissue to release. This allows space for the body and mind to communicate and re-learn how to trust each other. This space allows the body and mind to align and for authentic healing to happen. Your mind body completes processes that were incomplete.This process connects us to a higher vibrational energy which speaks to our Universal Wisdom. This connection is part of what makes the healing process with MFR beautiful and powerful.  Let's work together to unlock your body's healing potential!  I am honored to assist you on your journey of healing and growth; and to support you in your evolvement process, to live the life you desire.


I look forward to working with you!  Click on the "booknow"  button to schedule a free Discovery Call. We'll talk about what your next step might be and if I am the right person to help you get there.


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